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Produce an interactive proposition that developed children’s understanding of environmental issues and for them to become the next generation of “environmentally conscious World Wide Web Wanderers”.


Webbliworld a virtual world featuring the Webblis where children can explore, play, chat and hang out, as well becoming more engaged in how they can help our planet, in a fun and safe environment.

The digital team at Aardman developed the name, design and animated characters as well as building a complete virtual world from the ground up.
Children start their journey by creating their unique Webbli avatar and customising their WebbliPod; their home within the Webbliworld which they can purchase items for, decorate, garden and invite friends to. Outside of their Pod they can explore the 14 weird and wonderful areas of Webbliworld by teleporting through tubes or walking across clouds. Along the way they can meet other Webblis to befriend, chat or hang out with.

Since the first phase of Webbliworld was completed, a number of new interactive features have been added to the site including the WebbliRacers game. WebbliRacers allows players to choose and customise their vehicle, before racing against other virtual contestants on 4 different tracks. As in Webbliworld, the game also has an environmental aspect, with players being able to pick an environmentally friendly fuel to power their vehicle. Each track features a theme including Sandy Speedway, a seaside track and Mountain Mayhem, a chocolate track. The racing game includes a weekly leader board and four tracks. The site now also has a teleport function and interactive map to help children explore all of the 14 zones in the world.


We produced highly interactive world designed to maximise repeat visits from young people as well as supporting the environmental learning objectives set out in the project. The world is designed to be scalable so more games and zones within the virtual world can be developed over time.

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