Hungry City

Client Wellcome Trust


Create a digital project to supplement The Crunch’s nationwide campaign aiming to educate families about the future of food, health and environment. We were challenged with driving visitors from the live experience to online and deepening their understanding into event topics through an enjoyable and playful experience.


A Tower Defense game developed in HTML5 and accessible across all devices to offer minimum barrier to play. Whilst education was at its heart, it was equally important to ensure the game was fun and re-playable, allowing players to build on their experience and knowledge each time they play.

Based around Hungry City, the player takes charge over an array of food dispensaries and resource towers, strategically placing them around fixed pathways through Hungry City in order to feed the residents of the city. Visitors to the live event receive lanyards that hold location specific secret codes unlocking a ‘free lunch’ in the game with the aim of encouraging visitors to engage in the campaign back at home too. As well as being a fun bonus to the playful game, secret codes offer a trackable method of driving families and kids to the online game.


The game is available online on The Crunch website here and has been rolled out to 14 UK science centres across the UK as part of The Crunch family programme live events. The game was nominated for a TIGA award for best Game with a Purpose in 2016 and continues to attract players from across the globe.

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