Directed by

Lucy Izzard


Lucy Izzard has a style full of warmth, character, comedy and sensitivity. Before joining Aardman, Lucy worked with multiple animation companies over the years, including Slinky Pictures, 12foot6, and ArthurCox,

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Helen Argo

Executive Producer - Commercials & Short Form

Helen is responsible for the studio’s Commercials and Short Form productions, creating animated and digital content for advertising agencies, third party brands as well as Aardman’s own IP. Most recently she has produced The Bear and the Squirrel - a 4D film for Efteling, and stop motion musical short Robin Robin for Netflix.

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Steve Harding-Hill

Creative Director

Steve became Creative Director for Aardman’s Commercials and Short Form division in 2016 and is responsible for the creative direction of the studios partner content productions.

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