Published 29th October 2020

Brave Bunnies glows at MIPJunior

Brave Bunnies – a 52 x 7 minute 2D pre-school series created by Olga Cherepanova, currently in production with family entertainment company Anima and distributed globally by Aardman, has received positive reviews from the most influential international experts and became one of the projects receiving most viewed programmes in the MIPJunior screenings library.

The animated series, which is yet to see its international premiere on the world’s TV channels, received a very positive response when presented at entertainment content market MIPCOM earlier this month, and was charted as the second most watched project during the first week of the market.

Alison Taylor, Director of Distribution and Business Development at Aardman says: “We were delighted to see Brave Bunnies feature in the top screening figures at MIPJunior, and to hear first-hand from buyers about what they love about the series during our meetings at Mipcom Online+. From the discussions had at the market, we’re confident that we will soon be in a position to announce further partnerships on the brand, in addition to the excellent broadcaster partners already announced.”

Olga Cherepanova, Author of the original idea of the series and Creative Producer at Glowberry added: “We are incredibly happy that Brave Bunnies have managed to attract so much attention from the MIPJunior participants, since their expertise is of great importance to us and proves that we are moving in the right direction and are indeed creating the content of international level. As for now, we have quite an ambitious plan, which is gradually being implemented – to captivate the hearts of an audience of at least fifty, and better even a hundred countries of the world.“

Ángel Molinero, CEO (Spain) at Ánima concluded: “Brave Bunnies is such a great show, the amazing performance it had during MipJunior proves it. We are honoured to be part of such a unique show and eager to introduce the Bunny family to kids all around the world.”

Deals for the series have been secured with Nick Jr (UK), Super RTL (Germany), ABC (Australia), YLE (Finland), HOP! (Israel), PlusPlus (Ukraine), Daekyo (South Korea) and Milkshake! (UK).

Brave Bunnies follows a family of courageous and curious Bunnies as they seek adventure and exploration, travelling on the Bunny Bus. Every episode in the series, directed by Tim Fehrenbach starts with a Bunny Bus-ride. On each stop, brother and sister Bunnies, Bop and Boo discover different animals, creating new games to help build new friendships. The series shows children the diversity of the world, encouraging viewers to accept differences, no matter how big or small.

Brave Bunnies is due to launch in winter 2020.